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ReportMakerPRO 2013!

ReportMakerPRO's new user-interface! Click to enlarge

New interface and more flexible than ever!

New features include:

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  • New open-screen layout that's resizable and customizable
  • Super-flexible report styles: no longer will you be confined to tabs - cover, project, general, etc. Simply add a page, select the type of page from the page library or create your own, give it a name and then fill in!
  • New page navigator tree: easily jump from page to page, drag-and-drop pages to desired location within report.
  • Auto page numbering
  • Several new, pre-formatted page layouts
  • New built-in image viewer/browser: drag-and-drop images into current page, control-click several images and drag to import a page full of images at once.!
  • Integrate pages created with Microsoft Word
  • There will be more merge flexibility.
  • NEW QuickText lists will add text to any cell or textbox anywhere in the report.
  • New ListBuilder Manager to easily create or modify lists.
  • New drawing objects
  • Upload reports to website of your choice from within ReportMakerPro and automatically create an email with link for client
  • Much, much more!

ReportMakerPro Version2 Retired!

Version 2 of ReportMakerPRO has been retired effective January 1, 2010 and Gold support for it will no longer be renewed for it. While version 2 has served well for many years, new technologies are leaving it behind and requires us to leave it behind as well. Current ReportMakerPRO users can upgrade to ReportMakerPRO 2013 for $395. ReportMakerPRO 2013 has been built using the new technologies and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Window 8 including 64bit versions.

ReportMakerPro goes mobile!

Kiss paper forms good-bye. Enter data directly into your hand-held on-site -- you can download the data to your desktop or laptop at your convenience with a few clicks. Snap photos with the hand-held's built-in camera and import and manipulate in ReportMakerPro with all the image tools you've come to love.

New 'Portable Licensing' is here.

The new portable USB key is now available for ALL ReportMakerPro users. The key eliminates the need to call or e-mail to register!! Simply install the software, plug in the key and you're up and going. This new feature will give you the flexibility to have the software installed on your laptop and desktop or your home and office with ONE license! If you need to 'wipe' your hard drive or send the computer in for repairs or replace it, you can be up and running again without needing to call to unlock. Just reinstall and plug in the key! The key is available for USB or parallel ports.

Cost: The License key is included with all new purchases. Additional USB Keys are available at substantial discounts.