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ReportMakerPro MOBILE Features

Small Package...Big Features

  • Affordable! Add MOBILE to ReportMakerPro for just $395.00
  • NEW Portable License Key for the desktop/laptop.
  • Quick set-up wizard: just cradle hand-held and start ReportMakerPro
  • Compatible with ANY ReportMakerPro report or template
  • Kiss paper worksheets good-bye: enter data ONCE directly into the handheld, download to the desktop or laptop at your convenience.
  • Same intuitive, user-friendly screens as ReportMakerPro
  • All of ReportMakerPro's drop-down lists are available
  • Quick image processing: use the hand-held's built-in camera and immediately import images into ReportMakerPro MOBILE with a couple of taps
  • All ReportMakerPro's image-editing drawing tools -- including the powerful photo grid reference tool -- are available in MOBILE version.
  • NEW QuickText Library: put commonly-used text in any cell or text-box with a few taps.
  • NEW Tap-and-Autofill the Photo Grid Reference.
  • Quicly import reports to desktop or laptop fro the handheld with the new "Retrieve Report From Mobile Device" button.

Available Options and Requirements

  • ReportMakerPro Mobile can be installed on any PDA with Pocket PC 2003SE.
  • Please consider our following recommendations regarding purchasing a PDA below:
    • Make sure the PDA has at least the Pocket PC 2003SE operating system (this is a requirement).
    • ReportMakerPro MOBILE requires an external memory card (we recommend one with at least 256MB). If you do not have an external memory card, then "dead batteries" means "lost data!"
    • We recommend purchasing a PDA with a built-in camera, but that is not required
    • If you don't get one with a built-in camera, then, for easier image importing, you should purchase a model that uses the same type of removable memory card as your digital camera.
    • Check out the screen in bright outdoor lighting.
    • We strongly recommend you purchase an extended-life battery.
  • For pricing details, please read the section below.

ReportMakerPro with Mobile Pricing

(Add Shipping and Applicable Sales Tax - Fl Only)

Mobile software purchase includes 1 portable license for the desktop/laptop, license for 1 PDA, and license for the Aidem Pocket Painter(TM) software.

  • Price for MOBILE software:
    • upgrade: $395.00 (for current ReportMakerPro Users)
    • new user: $695.00
  • Licenses for additional PDAs: $50.00 each.
  • Additional ReportMakerPro with MOBILE licenses (includes portable license) for desktops/laptops:
    • Upgrade existing licenses: $125.00 each.
    • Additional new licenses: $225.00 each.

Great deal! Add an HP rx3715 Ipaq with built-in camera for just $500 more.

(Special price requires upgrade or purchase of MOBILE software or additional licenses for MOBILE software)

(Add Shipping and Applicable Sales Tax)

If you need a hand-held device, we'd like to suggest you take advantage of this special deal. If you purchase or upgrade to ReportMakerPro MOBILE, for an additional $500.00, you can also purchase an HP rx3715 Ipaq. We'll even install ReportMakerPro MOBILE and 1 of your current templates for you!

    Ipaq Features:

  • 1 GB Storage Card
  • Comes with ReportMakerPro MOBILE and Pocket Painter installed.
  • Built-in 1.3Mpx camera with 3X digital zoom.
  • Wireless network and bluetooth ready.
  • Microsoft Pocket PC 2003SE operating system.
  • Refurbished new from HP with 1 year manufacturer warranty.