Report Maker Pro -- Professional Report Making Software

ReportMakerPro Features

Powerful Image Tools

  • Import digital images with a simple click of a button.
  • Quickly draw on your images with several easy-to-use drawing tools including grids, lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, text and highlight. Adjust color, size, and other attributes of any drawn object.
  • Easily adjust image qualities such as brightness, contrast, and color.
  • Zoom in or out; zoom to any mouse selected area.
  • All above features leave your original images intact.
  • Rotate photos.
  • With the desktop version, all of the above actions can be done without affecting your original image file.

Easily Create Custom Pages

  • Choose from several built-in page formats: from 1 to 12 images per page plus text or tables.
  • Save custom pages for future reports.
  • Create custom pages in your favorite word processing program and include them in your report with a simple click in a checkbox (must be in RTF format).
  • Unlimited number of custom pages.

Template Development

  • Develop customized templates for almost any type of report.
  • With Flexgrids, you can develop information tables which will allow for both easy input and professional presentation of data. Flexgrids can be modified several ways -- such as adding/deleting rows or columns, resizing, changing colors, and more
  • Several types of drop-down lists are available including look-up lists and fill-in-the-rest-of-the-row lists.
  • Spell Checker

Word Processing Tools

  • Select fonts, size, color, bold, italics, indents, bullets and more.
  • Text Library - Bring in commonly-used sentences and paragraphs to your report with a button click.
  • Supports all windows clipboard features including cut, copy, and paste. Import text from most any program.
  • Spell Checker
  • Print Previewer
  • Create PDF reports for fast and easy email.